giant predator worms, France

In a discovery, scientists have discovered the huge hammerhead worms which have invaded France for the first time. This new study, which was published in this week has mentioned about the hammerhead flatworms.

It was discovered when Jean-Lou Justine had received the first photograph of the giant worm which has a head like a shovel. It is not every day that the findings of the amateur gardener’s have become the study of the scientists. In 2013, French naturalist Pierre Gros took the photograph of the large worm which was never seen in the region.

giant predator worms, France

This photograph was emailed to Justine who just ignored this image by saying this is prank image and it is not present here. After rejection, Gross offered more proof about the worms and said they are real, weird and took two more photos of the worms. In this photo, it is seen that they are flat, have arrow shape of the head, and it resembles like hammerhead sharks. This photo has convinced Justine to believe that these species exist here.

These worms are native to Asia and are not common in France and its territories. These hammerhead worms usually hunt and eat other earthworms and can disrupt the biodiversity and ecological balance. The researchers also confirmed that the worms had invaded French territories in South America, Africa, Caribbean, and Oceania.

The study which was done by the researchers concludes that the alien creatures are appeared to reproduce asexually. As per researcher, they said, “The planarian also produces secretions from its headplate and body that adhere it to the prey, despite often sudden violent movements of the latter during this stage of capture.” The authors of the new study were shocked after this large invasive species which have colonised a European country.

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