Fresh Evidence for New Sterile fundamental Particle excites Physicists

In a new study, it shows that the new experiment MiniBooNE experiment from the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory has been in headlines as it has indicated that there might be the sterile neutrino. MiniBooNE was developed so that it can review the experiment which is from the 1990s.

Neutrinos are said to be the tiny particles that are smaller than atoms, and they usually move in mysterious ways and also passes through the objects and bodies with little impact. These particles oscillate among the three predicted “flavours” known as an electron, tau, and muon. This experiment has detected that there are several hundred more electron neutrinos than it is predicted.

MiniBooNE is a type of detector which can measure the neutrinos that get originate from protons after hitting the source at Fermilab in Illinois. It is about 40 foot in diameter which was filled with 800 tons of special kind of oil. When the electron neutrinos hit the oil, they used to create a tiny flash of light. These tubes turn the flashes into the signal that a computer can read and scientists used this data to reconstruct that kind of particles which hit the sphere.  

The paper which was published last week on the arXiv physics preprint server shows that they have detected 460.5 more electron neutrinos than expected. It seems that it is a new particle that could have been appearing and then it changes the flavour into the electron neutrino and on the top of the expected oscillations which are from muon and tau neutrinos.

According to the Neal Weiner, who is the theoretical physicist at New York University, told that it is seen clearly that there is something to be understood and it seems there is the fourth neutrino. If this happens, then this will be the first discovered particle which is beyond the standard model and the threshold evidence is very high.



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