Former ferry Vessel

One ferry vessels which were used to ferry passengers have now rested to the ocean floor, and it will act as an artificial new home for marine life habitat. The former ferry vessel is known as Cape May-Lewis.

This ferry vessel Cape May-Lewis has done thousands of trips between Cape Henlopen and Cape May. The weight of the vessel is about 2,100 ton M/V Twin Capes, and it was sunk on Friday at the Del-Jersey-Land Inshore Artificial Reef.  It was decommissioned from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry fleet, and it was now the 6th vessel which was a part of the reef. The other things which are already there include about 327 New York City subway cars and other famed military vessels, as said by Department of Natural Resource and Environment Control.

In the reef, the 568 foot long Radford was said to be the longest ship whichever reefed on the East Coast and the state officials have said that the 320 foot long Twin Capes was another best addition yet to Delaware’s artificial reef system for fishing and other recreational diving opportunities.

According to Jeff Tinsman, who is the Artificial Reef Coordinator for the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Division of Fish and Wildlife said that this ferry is now going to be a part of the unique community. Tinsman witnessed the sinking and also make sure that the Twin Capes should be at the precise location as it was planned before.  This reef was got permitted in the year 2006, and it was reserved for high profile and bigger vessels, and Tinsman said it.

It is said to be 1 of the 14 artificial reefs in the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The Del-Jersey-Land reef is said to be the deepest which was situated at a deep of about 130 feet, and it was farthest south in all Delaware shore. This ship was going to service in 1975 and was got retired in the year 2013. This ship was said to be the ideal fish habitat, and it can attract sharks, tuna, and other marine animals.


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