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Pune is known as one of the biggest markets of shawls and sarees. The state is also followed as the main exporter of Sarees to different states as well as to international markets. As per today report, we found that 5 workers died in a saree shop in the morning. The report came that above the shop there was a room where all the workers sleep and suddenly at 5:00 am the shop caught fire and all the workers were said death because of fire blowing and suffocation.

As soon as the incident happened Pune Police(Rural) reported the place and call the fire rescue man to save the shop and nearby surroundings. The incident happened in the areas of Devachi Urli which resides on the outskirts of Pune state.

When the workers were brought out of the burning roo it was found that they have been dead because of suffocation. The exact report is still not out because the fire was high and policemen are still investigating and finding that no other person was injured or died except these five.

After some time the fire was finally been in control but the main reason of the blaze(fire) is still undefined by the policemen and investigation team. Stay tuned to know what actually happens in the saree shop and how did the blaze occur.


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