Space X, Elon Musk

Elon Musk has teased the fans of SpaceX by sharing the first image of the design of the spacecraft in the social media platform. SpaceX Crew Dragon is currently in the testing phase, and it will carry the people off the planet after some years.

The image which is shared by the Elon Musk is of anechoic chambers. These chambers are said to be the sound absorbing chamber, and it is described as the quietest places on Earth and help in simulating the environment of the space. The Dragon Crew is inside one of the electromagnetic interference testing’s, and it is done to make the spacecraft’s electrical systems to work properly without any glitch.

Space X, Elon Musk

This spacecraft is in design since the year 2013, and after one year the first SpaceX Dragon has made a successful cargo delivery to the International Space Station. The post which was shared by the Elon Musk has been liked about 400,000 time’s on an Instagram page. As per SpaceX, it says that the Dragon Crew has developed an enjoyable trip which will take the passengers through space and they will feel safe and comfortable.

The monitors which are installed inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon shows the real-time information. The capacity of the spacecraft is about seven passengers, and each seat is mounted with carbon fiber and Alcantara cloth to provide comfort to the passengers.

The current testing round of the spacecraft is to move the capsule to NASA’s Plum Brook Station facility in Ohio. It houses the world’s largest vacuum chamber and space agency has built the vacuum chamber to test the Orion crew vehicles, and it will work as SpaceX’s Crew Dragon.  SpaceX target 2024 to take both crews and cargo to Mars.

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