First hurricane

In a recent development, the storm named as Hurricane Aletta, which was now intensified from a category 1 to Category 4 storm and will have a maximum sustained wind speed of about 140 miles per hour which is just 18 hours from Thursday and to Friday morning. Such type of storms are classified as major hurricanes, and when they have hit Category 3 intensity or greater, then the danger rises ad they are expected to threat for the land.

Hurricane Aletta now becomes the first tropical storm of the eastern Pacific hurricane season on Thursday, and by the morning of Friday, it would have been upgraded to Category 4 monster. The metrological department has not predicted the landfall of the hurricane. This rise in the storm has been a swift one, and it had become the tropical storm on Wednesday, and it has puttered throughout the day. The things have changed in a big way on Thursday into Friday. This storm is now the first hurricane of the eastern Pacific season as a Category 1 storm along with 75 mph winds.

The location of the storm is in the open ocean with no interference from land, and the warm temperatures for fuel are caused Aletta to blow up. By 9 am local time on Friday, and it had upgraded to category 4 storm with speed of 140 mph winds. The speed of the wind is 65 mph, and it will increase in less than 24 hours which is more than the criteria for the rapid intensification.

The forecast calls for the Aletta’s winds in order to pick up a little more speed which is up to 145 mph, and it is before it hits rough steering winds, and it will be tearing it back to the tropical storm by the end of the weekend.

The season of Hurricane has just started in the Atlantic and the eastern Pacific Ocean, and it will be running through November 30th, 2018.



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