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In the very beginning of the season, Ottawa has now registered its very first death due to the flu.  The death has been registered during the early month. The person who died due to the influenza is said to be over 65 years of old, as said by the public health officials. As per Lorette Dupuis, who is the manager of the program for the immunization of flu at Ottawa Public Health said that if you are old, then the best way to protect yourself from flu is by taking the flu vaccination.

In a report by CDC, it shows that the Americans who are killed due to the infection of the flu is said to be more than at any time during the last 40 years. The agency said that the main reason for the death of the person due to the flu is lack of flu vaccination. The reports show that only 37 percent of adults get the vaccination for the flu attack and when it comes to children, and then only 58 percent of them get the vaccine.

There is a dip of near to 1 percent in vaccination which is from the previous year. It is too said that the vaccine that is given during the 2017-18 season is not effective as compared to the illness which is only 10 percent of the time in the Southern Hemisphere summer flu season. The main reason people avoid to take the vaccine for the flu is the failure of it to protect them from the flu. This is because this vaccine is not a good match for the circulating strains.  

As per the research team which was led by Dr Jeff Kwong, who is the scientist at the Insititute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences and Public Health Ontario, says that these flue related deaths are underestimated. The study says that the chances of getting heart attack usually increased to about six times during the confirmation of the flu in the first seven days. The study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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