Extreme Cold And Hazardous Air Pollution Made Delhi's Homeless Into Shelters
Image Source: Al Jazeera

New Delhi: The temperature of Delhi is getting biting cold these days in the northwestern plains of India. It has resulted in a deadly combination of extreme winter and hazardous air pollution in New Delhi and Delhi NCR. The homeless and poor people are getting affected by this weather and the people are moving quickly to shelter homes to keep themselves safe from this polluted and dangerous environment. The general homeless population is left uncovered to this hazardous particle in the air.

Uncertain Dropping In Temperature Before Christmas

According to the weather report, it is said that it was reported the lowest morning temperature in four years at 3.7 degrees celsius. It is surprising that it has been extreme cold weather this year before Christmas. According to the weather fore cast, it may not be ordinary if compares to the previous years. Delhi people used to experience that much cold in late December or in early January.

This is the reason by which most of the school of Delhi NCR have not announced winter break. Most school of Delhi NCR decided to open school again after the Christmas break. Most of the school in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, decided to scheduled winter break from next week.

SC Supervising To Helped And Enhance The Facilities For Homeless

Everyone is affecting by the cold and awful air of Delhi, but the homeless and poor people are being affected the most. Under the surveillance of the Supreme Court monitored committee, that Delhi government to provide a organised night shelter system for homeless people. On the basis of cold weather casualties, it is reported that around 164 people died due to a cold condition in 2015-16 it proves to a lot of improvement is being done for avoid such type of problems.

The government decided to provide shelter to the poor across the city. The benchmark is supposed to be having one for every 10,000 people. it is believed that they provide the facilities to all the homeless and poor people.

Strict Rule Should Be Make To Restrict Sleeping In Open

It has been seen that many people prefer to sleeping in open, the reason behind that there are some restrictions on entering shelter homes for peoples who intoxicated or in the impact of drugs. many poor and homeless people believe that they would get to see compassion show by peoples and due to which they may get clothes, blankets and money, in this greed they stay in open.

Burning Of Woods And Waste Increases The Level Of Pollution In Air

Due to extreme cold causes to burning too much of woods and waste of because people take some different source to stay warm. No matter how much it affect the environment if it can make people warm is set alight either it is a rubber tyres or garbage. This generate hazardous particle in the air that leads the pollution level high in Delhi.

On the basis of the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, it is reported that pollution has been reached to its peak in many parts of the city. The situation is worst in some parts of Delhi, some parts of city categorized to alert on emergency because of high air pollution levels.



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