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NASA has launched its new Expedition 56-57 mission to the ISS. In this mission three astronauts who are form European Space Agency, the United States and Russia are included, and they are blasted off on Wednesday for the mission to the International Space Station. The spacecraft will take two days to reach the International Space Station.

The ESA’s Alexander Gerst from Germany, NASA’s Serena Aunon-Chancellor, and Russian Space Agency Roscosmos Sergey Prokopyev has been traveling to the ISS in the Russian spacecraft named as Soyuz MS-09 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Central Asian nation. The Soyuz was lifted off at 7:12 AM EDT.

If all the things went ahead as per plan, then these three astronauts will reach the International Space Station on Friday morning. On arrival of these three astronauts, the orbiting lab will be full as it will be housing six astronauts. Presently, the ISS is home to the NASA astronaut Drew Futsal, Oleg Artemyev and Ricky Arnold.

The spacecraft is said to enter the designated orbit on Friday, and then it will be docking to the International Space Station. This mission program includes about 250 experiments which will be taking place under the physical sciences, human research, technology, biology and Earth Science.

Among the astronauts, Gerst has already flown to space and also an ex-inhabitant of ISS from May to November 2014. He was a part of an Expedition crew of 40-41. For other two astronauts which include Prokopyev and Aunon-Chancellor, this will be the first spaceflight.

The crew will have little time to adjust with the environment of ISS as their planned spacewalk was scheduled for the June 14th, 2018. Arnold and Futsal will also install some equipment so that the upcoming US commercial crew vehicles which are aligned with the International docking adapter on the Harmony module of the ISS.

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