Expace dispatches 2nd Kuaizhou-1A rocket to launch site
Image Source: GBTimes

The Chinese commercial company which is known as Expace which has now dispatched the second Kuaizhou-1A launch vehicle to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre. This was done in preparation for the mission this month. Expace will be employing about 20 meters tall, 1.4-meter diameter Kuaizhou-1A solid-fulled rocket to launch a small satellite which is known as Centispace-1-S1 that can be marked as the second launch for the missile-derived launch vehicle.

As per the company press release, the rocket, as well as the transporter-erector-launcher vehicles, were said to be loaded on the train which will follow the testing as well as assessment. It will be done before departing for the city of Yichang in Hubei Province on Sunday that was destined for Jiuquan in Gansu Province, northwest China.

This was stated for September, which is an accurate launch date which has not been announced nor it has got any kind of information on the payload which has been released. Expace was said to be jointly established in February 2016 by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC). It is a stare owned defense giant along with the missile maker and the China Sanjiang Space Group which make it nominally private.

Expace which was developed under CASIC now uses the Kuaizhou-1A. The launcher was had the first sight in January 2017 that carries a Jilin-1 video satellite which is for Chang Guang Satellite TechnolgyCo.Ltd (CGST). It is nominally a private company which is based on the northeast China that can able to construct the commercial remote sensing constellation which is said to be along the two smaller secondary payloads for the universities. Jilin-1 video satellites have captured incredible video footage of suborbital launch at Jiuquan.


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