European Airbus helping NASA with technology to get to the moon and beyond
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On Friday, Europe’s Airbus has said to be delivered the powerhouse for NASA’s new Orion spaceship. This new spaceship will able to take the astronauts to the Moon as well as beyond in recent years. In the future, it can be able to hit the key milestone that may lead to the hundreds of millions of euros.

The engineers of Airbus plant in Bremen, Germany said to be carefully packed this important item with a special container which can able to fly aboard with a huge Antonov cargo plane to the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

It has been said that in Florida this module will be able to join with the Orion crew module which was built by Lockheed Martin. This was said to be followed by more than a year of intensive testing before the first three-week mission which is said to be orbiting with the Moon in the year 2020.

In the year 2022, the first crewed mission was scheduled, but now it has come to know that European Space Agency (ESA)  is now planning to launch the manned mission each year and it wants to make the Orion project which is said to be both politically as well as economically important.

This new Airbus European Service Module (ESM) is said to provide the aircraft with power, thermal control as well as consumables with the Orion crew module. This marks as the first time that NASA will be going to use the European built system which is said to be the critical element to power the American spacecraft.

It has been said that shortly, this arrangement will be extended to the project which is known as Lunar Gateway. Oliver, who is the head of on-orbit as well as exploration at Airbus, said that all the crews are satisfied after seeing ESM-1 get removed from the integration stand and then moved to the transport container.

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