Error In CBSE Class 12 Accounts Question Paper, Students Will Get 6 Grace Marks
Image Source: The Indian Express

On Wednesday, class 12 students who have appeared in accountancy paper can luckily receive six grace marks due to some error in the accounts question paper. As this is the second time when a mistake has been reported in the CBSE question paper in less than a week, the first error which has been, reported is in the CBSE English question paper, for which student has also received six grace marks. In the previous year, the board was showing tenacity with paper leak controversy. And this year, till now, two error has been reported by schools with 12 standard exams.

One of the school teachers has informed CBSE about the error and, a teacher also mentioned the specific, question in which error was spotted. The question which has an error is question number 15. CBSE has made concentration towards such an issue. And as per the wish of a teacher, media does not give any identification of that teacher. And the teacher has also said, “We have filled up the feedback sheet and sent it to CBSE.”

One of the Chartered accountant named Vipul Vora, who is who also provide coaching to CBSE 12 class students said, the error in the accounts question paper is not a printing error at all, and further he said, “It is a blunder. I just cannot limit myself to saying that it was a printing error. To explain it in very simple terms for even those from the non-commerce background, what was printed in the question paper made it impossible for students to balance the accounts. If tonight your bank account is Rs 2 lakh, and nothing is deposited, then tomorrow morning too the balance will be the same. But in today’s paper, the amount differed.”

And the most important thing, Vipul Vora said that this question is so easy, and it would not take much to solve it, but unfortunately, the students take plenty of time to solve this question. Vipul Vora said, “But students wasted 10 to 15 minutes on this as they were unable to balance the amount.”

As we all know, CBSE always follows strict rules and regulation for correcting an error in the given question papers. Almost every school which is affiliated to CBSE have sent their own, feedback in a period of 24 hours of the exam is over.

Now, we all have to wait for the board decision because everything is dependent on the board. If the board accepts that there was an error in the class 12 question paper only then, students will able to receive grace marks.

Tarun Singh
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