Elon tweeted the images of SpaceX Mars standing all tall and undressed at SpaceX testing facility in Texas. Must dream of ferrying 100 people at a time with his craft to mars so that they can step ahead to other missions. The very spacecraft was once known as the “interplanetary Transport system” and then the “Mars Colonial Transporter” and then, at last, was known as the “Big Falcon Rocket”. Must reveal quite much about his next project where he is going to work on the spacecraft most exotic of all the other works. And on the other hand, the off choice of the material for the craft is stainless steel.

He again said that the Starship is made up of Stainless Steel which is quite capable of resisting heat and ta the same time there is no effect of the heat on the generous coat of the craft as they can even reflect heat leaving the surface shiny. This makes it superior to that of the carbon fiber body.

But there is another thing that bothers is the weight of stainless steel as this is quite a heavy material and far heavier than that of the carbon-fiber for a spacecraft.  AS Must happened to reveal all his plans in his tweets, there were several responses observed as well where people shared their perception about the weight of the material as well as the inconvenience that has to be overcome. Some people even suggested making the use of the stainless steel by treating it with very cold temperature so that the issue is merely invisible. Again Musk also tweeted back responding the suggestion which said that treating the steel with cold temperature was the bypass plan so that the material can be appropriate for the use and can also add strength to the Starship.

Jaya Kashyap
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