SpaceX, Elon Musk, Super Heavy
Image Source: Reddit

The Chief Executive of SpaceX, Elon Musk has revealed that there will be a layout for redesigning a new version of the test vehicle for SpaceX’s next-gen reusable launching system that is going to be ready for the initial flight at the beginning of next year. Musk has posted a picture of a couple of parts of the initial test article on early Dec 24.

The photo features a conical section of the spacecraft which is placed next to the cylindrical unit along with the landing legs. Musk captioned the post as “Stainless Steel Starship.” Elon Musk in the previous month unveiled a new name of the vehicle and called it Starship. Starship is regarded as the upper stage or the next-generation model of the launch system that was previously called BFR or Big Falcon Rocket.

Now the lower booster stage is regarded known as “Super Heavy.” SpaceX has reportedly been working on a test article of the Starship meant for low-altitude flight tests at the launch site of the company which is located in South Texas; the site is currently under development stage. The test article is dubbed as a “hopper,” and it is going to have the same nine-meter diameter which is similar to the full-scale version of the vehicle.

The only difference between the test article and the full-scale version is that the test article version isn’t as tall as the full-scale version. SpaceX along with Federal Communications Commission’s has reportedly applied on 19th of November as the company is seeking a license for an experimental procedure to support having communications during the forthcoming flights with the hopper. SpaceX has also revealed that it has planned unification of low-altitude flights that won’t go more in 500 meters as far as height is concerned, and the high altitude flight will go around 5,000 meters in height.


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