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In a discovery, researchers have found that the beneath East Antarctica’s Ice sheet earthquakes are occurring. This part is said to be unexplored mountains and canyons which are covered in a mantle of ice which are thousands of feet thick.

Till now, there are about nine seismic events had been recorded across all of east Antarctica and it begins in 1982. The largest, coldest and most stable section among the three major sections of Antarctica, East Antarctica’s geologic lethargy had been attributed to about low levels of tectonic stress, and the weight of the ice sheet is very huge.

As per the latest research, which was published this week in Nature Geoscience has confirmed and it was done by tripling the number of recorded seismic events in East Antarctica. The installation of the seismic array in the ice sheet is a remote interior and about 27 small quakes which vary from the size of magnitude 2.1 to 3.9 are recorded during the year 2009. The quakes which have occurred till now are near the basins of the Gumburstsev Subglacial Mountains and are believed to be a part of an ancient system from where the Earth’s crust has pulled apart.

East Antarctica is said to be old, stable continental landmass which geologist coined as craton. Cratons like Canadian Shield which stretches across much of Canada and it featured seismic activity and made it a bit if puzzle about East Antarctica, as per the NASA cryosphere scientist Thomas Wagner.

The Earther has reported that on a separate study it has revealed three monstrous canyons which lurks beneath the South Pole and the finding could shape our understanding about how ice in East and West Antarctica will be changing as the planet warms up. This discovery will help in understanding the geological history of Antarctica and its behavior as a tectonic plate.


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