Earth, Warmer month

In a recent study, it shows that the Earth had experienced the 400th consecutive warmer month than the usual monthly averages. This has now been 33 years but still, it is rising above the average temperatures.

According to the report of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, it says that the last time Earth has experienced a cooler than average month was on 1984 and that was the time in which US President was Ronald Reagan.

Earth, Warmer month

The report of NOAA which was put also said that the April month had got the third highest temperature and this April month has broken the record of the April month temperature. NOAA is collecting all the data about the Earth’s climate since 1880. Researchers who are studying the climate change are pointing towards the human and said that human activities are the main reasons why the there is a rise in temperature.

As per NOAA climatologist Ahira Sanchez, “It’s mainly due to anthropogenic (human-caused) warming. Climate change is real, and we will continue to see global temperatures increase in the future.” There is a constant effort from all over the world to reduce the CO2 emissions but it is not giving the expected results. There is also the demand for the fossil fuels which are increased in the developing countries due to increase in population, technology and economies.

The rise in the temperature also seen some unusual things like Europe had seen the warmest April in history, this change also affected Australia. In Asia, there are some portions which had seen extreme heat conditions. This all has led to researchers to determine which place had got the highest temperature. The other concern for the researchers is that the carbon dioxide reading is highest in the history as per NOAA monthly report. The reading for the CO2 is 410 parts per million and as per Scripps Institute of Oceanography, this data is highest in the last 800,000 years.

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