Lunar eclipse, solar eclipse

A new study by researchers shows that the Earth has only 18 hours when the moon was close to the Earth. During that time the total hours in a single day was just 18 hours, and it was before 1.4 billion years ago, and at that time the planet was rotating much faster.

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who have done this study was found that this is about 1.4 billion years ago and the moon has orbited the Earth at that time at a much closer time which is what it is now. Scientist now claimed that the Moon is now moving away from the Earth and as a result, the Earth will be revolving more slowly, and it will result in an increase in the time of the day.

The researchers have said that the Moon is moving away from the Earth which is estimated at 3.82cm per year and when this is happening it is also adding about two milliseconds in our days. The team forms the US said that it would gradually increase the daytime. The movement of the Earth in space was usually influenced by the astronomical bodies which usually put force on it and as a result, it determines the variations in the Earth’s rotation. These variations are known as Milankovitch cycles, and they are determined by the sunlight which is distributed on Earth, and this means they determine the Earth’s climate rhythms.

According to the Dr. Meyers, he said that this study which is said to be groundbreaking study had used astrochronology and this helped to tell the time in the most distant past, and it has developed very geological timescales. This study also helped in studying the rocks which are about billions of years old.



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