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In the next match of La Liga Series, Dream11 team RB will be competing against Dream11 team EIB. Both the teams are strong enough for each other and will be killing it for the best. Dream11 RB is secured with eight points in the board and according to the matches, they have played 7 matches out of which 3 were defeated by another team and another four matches were divided between wins and draw. The series clearly says that eight points are not sufficient and currently the team RB stands on 15th spot in La Liga which is not good.

Dream11 EIB, unfortunately, is on the same point score but stands on 11th spot in the La Liga. The major reason for EIB to stands more forward than RB is better wins and goals. Both the teams will be competing against each other today. Below mention are the match details for RB Vs EIB including Dream11 EIB Vs RB match Timings and venue, EIB Vs RB winner prediction and many more. check below for the contest information

Dream11 EIB Vs RB match Details & Winner Prediction:

Here are the important details for the RB Vs EIB match. Both the teams are ready to compete against each another in the ground and to have some better score. EIB vs RB dream11 match will start at 12:30 AM according to Indian Standard Time and it will take place at Benito Villamarin. RB Vs EIB winner prediction also found to be simple and it was said that Dream11 team EIB stands with some better points and secure good score in the league, therefore, it has more chance to win the game against RB.

Dream11 RB Vs EIB Top Team Picks & Playing XI:

The match will be called interesting between these two teams. Both the teams have some interesting players and also stands with some equal points but what about best players from both the team. The best players pick for RB vs EIB is here

Dream11 RB Playing XI:

  1. Robles
  2. Barragan
  3. Canales
  4. Guardado
  5. Moreno
  6. Batra
  7. Joaquin
  8. Iglesias
  9. Mandi
  10. Carvalho
  11. Moron

Dream11 EIB Playing XI:

  1. Dmitrovic
  2. Arbilla
  3. Blasis
  4. Exposito
  5. Cote
  6. Orellana
  7. Escalante
  8. Oliveira
  9. Inui
  10. Garcia
  11. Alvarez

Pick the players given above and play dream11 fantasy contest now. You can take the above suggested players and create your own dream11 team. Stay tuned with us for more updates on dream11 prediction, top picks and many more.


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