Divya Drishti, Written Updates
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Today’s episode of Divya-Drishti begins with Shachini arriving at the party and what she sees is, everyone, wearing a mask having a peacock feather to save themselves from the lizard, Lavanya. Not only this, instead of party smoke they have arranged pesticide. Shachini now has to do something as it’s the pesticide which can turn Lavanya’s human body to the lizard. She, using this Elemental gem turns the direction of the smoke. shachini finally pulled away everyone’s peacock feather from their masks.

Divya and Drishti learn the human bomb is none other than Simran. Chiranjiv Uncle tells them, Simran doesn’t have much time left now. She has already turned golden yellow, after some time she will be saffron, and finally will be exploded. Her hands start turning saffron.

Shachini has spread the poisonous smoke in the party area. Everyone is getting suffocated there. Lavanya comes into her lizard avatar and is attacking everyone in the house. There, Divya & Drishti along with Simran reaches the temple and are left with 18 minutes only.

Simran fell on the Lord Shiva’s idol which resulted in healing her. That means, Lord Shiva is taking all the temporal gem powers out of Simran. Drishti tells Simran that they have to take this idol(shivlinga) to a lake or a river, so that in the meantime Simran’s color will be lightened and she will explode at a place without harming humans.

Rakshit’s father learns that Anjan is Rakshit itself and tells him that he got these powers from her maternal grandfather. His father suggests him to go and help Divya in defeating Pishachini.

All three girls immerse the shivlinga, Simran explodes in the river and she gets fine again, but Drishti doesn’t come back out of the river. Rakshit tells them Lavanya is that lizard. Rakshit now goes to find Drishti. He finds her fainted at the corner of the river. He gives him mouth-to-mouth breath and finally, Drishti opens her eyes. Stay tuned with us for more Divya Drishti Written Updates.


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