Lyme disease, Tickborne
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In a recent report, it said that the disease that occurs due to the ticks are now hit to a record high in the United States. Till now, it is seen that about 60,000 people were got diagnosed and most of them are said to be suffering from Lyme disease. This was said by the reports of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2017.

As per Dr John Aucott, who is the director of the Johns Hopkins Lyme Disease Research Center, as well as the Chairperson of the federal Tick-Borne Disease Working Group, said that this is the true number of cases and it may be near to 10 more times than that. On Wednesday, it has been said that the working group has issued a report in which it mentions that how the federal government needs to spend more to keep the track as well as to prevent and treat the infections which affect more and more people.

In a statement by Congress, it said that the Health and Human Services Department would be set up in the working group which is as a part of the 2016 Century Cures Act. Aucott added by saying that this is clear that these ticks are infecting more people as the bugs are spread themselves. It is also clear that how much they can go for more work and what is needed to keep track of the infections and how to help the people who all are suffering from them.

In the latest statement from CDC, it said that till now the agency is not clear that why the number of reported cases is now on the rising. This rise in number may be due to various factors that include the rise in rainfall, humidity, temperature as well as it hosts the mice populations along with others.

The densities of the ticks are seen to vary from region to region and from state to state. CDC reported that Lyme had infected about 42,743 people in the year 2017 while in the year 2016 it has affected only 36,000 people. Till now there is no confirmed way of treatment for them who all have got affected by ticks.

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