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In a recent development, it is said that NASA is going to have an announcement about a discovery on Mars at 2 PM EDT on this Thursday. Till now NASA has released some of the details, and the major of details along with the discovery will be announced by NASA later.

NASA’s Mars mission called Curiosity mission for the Red Planet has suffered a setback after suffering form drill woes that have occurred abroad in the mission. Despite this rover is still moving on the surface of the Mars and conducting experiments.

NASA has revealed that the new drilling techniques are working as per planned and the agency is calling for a press conference to reveal something special about the mission. As always the NASA team is tightly lipped about the information that they are going to give on that day.

In a statement given by NASA at a press conference, the media and public are invited to ask questions to NASA. The live discussion will start from 2 PM EDT on Thursday, about the new science results from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. This event is going to be live streamed on NASA’s YouTube channel.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has celebrated its fifth birthday on the Red Planet, and the journey that this rover is now doing is said to be a very slow journey.

According to the NASA, in this live discussion some important members are taking part which includes the director of the Solar System Exploration at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Paul Mahaffy, Jen Eigenbrode, who is the research scientist at Goddard who investigate gasses and organic molecules, A senior research fellow in atmospheric chemistry at JPL Chris Webster and Ashwin Vasavada, a geophysicist at Mars Science Laboratory, JPL.

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