Myanmar's New Gold Mine is Dinosaur Amber

In a new study, it said that the asteroid impact which has killed dinosaurs might have also caused the global warming. This new study was published in the journal Science which is about the tale of Earth’s climate which has reacted to the carbon dioxide and then the same was pumped into the atmosphere by burning the fossil fuels.

The asteroid which has hit the Earth has released so much of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that the planet temperature has warmed up by about 5 degrees and it was present in the planet for 100,000 years. Scientists have researched about the long-term environmental effects of the Chicxulub which have impacted. That occurred about 65 million years ago. When a rock whose size is more than 5 miles wide came from the space and slammed into the Yucatan Peninsula. The crash has produced so much intensity of heat that it had vaporised the rocks and set off the massive wildfires in the forests.

After the wildfire started, there occurred a vast cloud of ash, and it soots up the sky and gradually block the sun for months or decades. After this, the Earth has experienced a global winter which has killed many plants and animals in a mass way. When the sky was cleared, the researchers believed that the planet got warmed up because of the wildfires and trapped minerals which have increased the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere.

According to the MacLeod, “The atmosphere was loaded for a very brief interval of time, and the consequences of that change in atmospheric composition lasted for 100,000 years. So it illustrates, I think, really strongly, even if we went back to 1850 levels of carbon dioxide emission, it’s going to take 100,000 years for the carbon dioxide that we’ve already put in the atmosphere to cycle through the Earth’s systems.”



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