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As per a new study which was done by Silent Spring Institute and Public Health Institute in Berkeley, it said in its reports that the popular Oral-B floss which all users may have got toxic levels of chemicals.

After this report, scientists are now concerned about the exposure to PFAS in the population. The concern arises because of the water as well as greaseproof substances as they are linked with kidney, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, fertility minimization as well as immune system damage.

The research which was done on this was seen to be published on Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology which offers the new insight with chemicals. These chemicals end up in people bodies and then modify their behavior with time.

For this research, researchers have studied the blood samples of about 178 middle-aged women. They then assess the levels of about 11 different PFAS chemicals. After that, they have asked all the women about their nine behaviors which can lead to exposure to these PFAS chemicals. After that, they have found out that, the women who use Oral-B Glide, then they have got some high levels of PFAS than who don’t use them.

According to lead author, Katie Boronow, who is the staff scientist at Silent Spring, said that this is the first study which shows the use of dental floss that contains PFAS. They are associated with the high body burden of toxic chemicals. The reports are based on the findings from the consumers who choose the flosses which don’t have PFAS.

As per the representative for Proctor and Gamble, said that the company strictly adheres to safety for the consumer. This is the priority which is given by the company. He added by saying that the dental floss that they produce undergoes thorough safety testing and company stands for the safety of all products.  

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