Date Sheet For Class 10th And Class 12th Board Exams
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Central Board of Secondary Education is the major and most leading organisation by Government of India which regulates all the exams and activities on the school level(till class 12th). It plays an important role in the 10th and 12th Exam of the students. Yesterday the new beginning for the students have started, the Central Board of Secondary Education has released the new date sheet for the 2019 Board Exam on 23rd December.

As two months have been left for the board exam of the students both of 10th and 12th standard, the students now have to study well for their exam. The CBSE board examination of class 12th will start from 15th February which will be added till April 3rd. It is the first time for class 10th students to give board exams, so they do not have any clues about the format and marking schemes, but regard to the laws it will start from 21st February to 29th March.

The date sheet of both class 10th and 12th has been released on the official website of Central Board Of Secondary Education and is available since 23rd December. The candidates can download and check the date sheet on the official website of CBSE. You can also click on the link below for the official date sheet.

Below is the link where you can get the date sheet of both class 10th as well as class 12th. Also, all the streams date sheet are differently added for class 12th.                      

Now the students have enough time to prepare for the exams and score well, with this motive only the CBSE has released the date sheet around 7 weeks before the examinations. Students of the especially 10th standard have much time for planning about examination for scoring well.

If we look for the last years board examination dates, the class 12th examination of Subject Physics date was being clashed with the main entrance examination of JEE Main which leads to many problems for the students. Whereas now the CBSE has made special attention over this and made a proper date sheet which is not clashing with any of the competitive exams of students.

The time period for the board examination is as follows, the examination will start from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM in the morning but the students have to be settled till 10:00 am because the Answer booklet will be distributed at sharp 10 and the students will get the question paper booklet 15 minutes before the examination starts that means at 10:15 sharp.


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