Dark matter, electrical energy

In a new study of dark matter, it is said that it is one of the biggest mysteries in science and there are many studies which are done on it in order to understand it. The scientists who are studying this believed that the first stars that are ignited in the early universe might have some particles which carry a small electrical charge.

The new study which was done by the astronomers at the Harvard Gazette has proposed a new model for the invisible material which usually makes up most of the universe. Their study concludes that the dark matter may have a tiny electrical charge. They have explored that the possibility is there that the charged dark matter issue particles can be associated with the normal matter with the help of the electromagnetic force.

Avi Loeb, who is the chairperson of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard University in the US, said that it had added the enigmatic substance which was comprised of more than 80 percent of the universe’s mass. He added by saying that till now the dark matter was known due to the gravitational interactions which have occurred with the ordinary matter and these reveal that something is there.

The findings of the dark matter were based on the project whose title is “Experiment to Detect the Global EoR (Epoch of Reionisation) Signature” or EDGES. It has used a pair of the small radio telescopes in Western Australia in order to monitor the entire sky for the radio emissions at frequencies which is about 80 megahertz.

According to the Loeb, dark matter may carry a tiny charge which is equal to one-millionth that of an electron and it is measured from the cosmic dawn. These tiny charges are impossible to observe. The EDGES experiment is said to be the only experiment by which we can detect the remaining charged particles. This study has appeared in the issue of Nature.


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