Dinosaur, Skin shedding

The oldest case which is about dandruff has been identified in the small feathered dinosaur who has roamed the Earth which is about 125 million years ago. The analysis which has done by the scientists are said to be the first evidence about the dinosaurs and early birds who shed their skin.

As per palaeontologists, they have found tiny flakes of fossilised skin on a crow-sized Microraptor, which is a meat-eating dinosaur which had wings on all four of the limbs. The test has carried on the two feathered dinosaurs whose name is beipiaosaurus and sinornithosaurus and also a primitive bird which is known as confuciusornis, and they revealed the pieces of fossilised dandruff on the bodies of the animals.

These skin flakes are the only evidence of scientists that have led dinosaurs shed their skin. The material which they have found shows that they don’t lose outer layer in one piece or large sheets as it is common with modern reptiles which have featured dinosaurs which are adapted to shed the skin in tiny flakes.

According to Maria McNamara, who has worked on the fossil of a dinosaur at University College Cork said, “This is the only fossil dandruff known. “Until now we’ve had no evidence for how dinosaurs shed their skin.”

The researchers have travelled to China in the year 2012 to study fossils of feathered dinosaurs who are from Cretaceous era. This was the first time that these specimens were studied under the electron microscopy and chemical analysis. Maria who is the lead author of the study said,” We were originally interested in studying the feathers, and when we were looking at the feathers we kept finding these little white blobs, the stuff was everywhere, it was in between all the feathers.”

The study was published in Nature Communications.



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