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The King of romance Shahrukh Khan comes in the show of Dance Plus Season 4 for the promotions of his latest movie Zero along with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. Dance Plus is the TV Show which is a dance reality show which comes on Saturday and Sunday. Remo is the super judge of the show and along with other three judges, Shakti, Puneet, and Dharmesh. This show has made the life of many dancers. No matter contestants come in duet, solo or group or belong to any age group can come in the show.

Dance Plus Season 4, 30th December 2018 written updates will show us the fun and power-packed dance performances of the contestants. Shahrukh was welcomed by the judges and the Raghav and bhabhi ji of the show. Shahrukh says thank you to all the dancers and the judges. Bhabhi ji cracks some jokes. Everyone laughs. Raghav welcomes Vratika Jha and she performs. Everyone remains spellbound. Anushka says I have seen a girl doing hip hop and you did it well. Katrina also praises her. Remo says that this was a beautiful performance and says nice work Dharmesh.

Vratika says that she likes her from childhood and she asks her to come and dance with her on the latest song of her in the movie Zero. Katrina dances with her and everybody claps. Shahrukh Khan says that he also likes her and gives her the perfect 10 scores. Raghav says you have become best female popper. He praises her and says you have achieved everything in this little age. Other contestants also came to perform on the stage. For more updates of Dance Plus Season 4 written updates, stay tuned with us.

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