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Dance Plus is the show which is produced by Remo D’souza and he got so much fame by this show. He is considered as the godfather by many dancers as he provides the platform to the dancers. Dancers respect him a lot. Shakti, Dharmesh and Puneet come as judges. This show has made many dancers into choreographers. The last winner of Dance Plus season 3, Beer Radha Sherpa is doing good in the industry.

In the Dance Plus Season 4, 22nd December 2018 episode updates we will see that Govinda will come as the special guest in the show. Remo says that I will score the dancers out of 10 and if someone will perform better then it will be marked as 5 points. Gang Shakti performs well and everyone praises them.

Shakti says that you performed well and says this was your new avatar. Raghav makes the situation light and teases Shakti. He applies moustache on the face of Shakti. Everyone laughs. Govinda says now I know that why movies were hit at that time as I enjoyed a lot. Remo says Gang 18 you have done emotional, suspense, serious acts and now you performed comedy. He says you all can modify well and then they get Plus for their mind-blowing performance.

They say that we have a tag of Icchadhari swag and we want to perform with original swagstar on this stage. Govinda comes and performs. Everyone welcomes him. Govinda is really energetic and no doubt we know why everybody loves him. Shakti and Raghav stare at each other. Puneet says that we think something is wrong with them. Shakti asks Raghav to dance with her. They both dance. Raghav says next team is of Shakti and B unique is coming. They perform robotics. Everybody becomes amazed. Remo also says this is the mindblowing performance he has ever seen. Stay tuned for more updates of Dance Plus 4

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