Coral reefs

Coral reefs which are present at some places usually helps to prevent flood by acting as a natural flood protection barrier which is from powerful ocean storms.  The reefs are now in danger which is present in around the world, and if they get destroyed, the valuable flood protection can be lost.

A new study which was published on Tuesday and it mainly focuses on the value of coral reefs which finds the coastal flood-related damages around the world, and it will now become twice as they are occurring now as it is not for the natural flood barrier.

In an average, the entire planet’s coral reefs usually worth some $4 billion annually during the flood protection. The lead author of the study Michael Beck, who is the scientist at the Nature Conservancy and a professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He added by saying that the United States usually receives near to $100 million annually in the reduction of the direct flood which has benefited from its reefs.

The US ranks as 8th in position as globally regarding annual reef benefits fro the people and property which who are in places like Florida, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The countries which are like the most to gain from reef conservation and restoration in countries like the Phillippines, Indonesia, Mexico, and Cuba. In the study, per capita has found that reefs which provide the most benefits to small island states like Cayman Islands, Grenada, Cuba, Bahamas, Jamaica, Belize and the Phillippines.

The damage which was done from the recent tropical cyclones like Hurricanes Irma and Maria and with Typhoon Haiyan have been much worse which is without coral reefs, as per study found. Coral reefs are said to be best at protecting coasts, and it is from the biggest waves which are during the powerful storms.

As per Beck, coral reefs are living in the ecosystems which can recover that they are well-managed and it identifies why and where we can find the support for restoration and management.


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