Coral Reef , sea level

In a new study, it shows that the coral reefs have already getting threaten from the rising water temperatures and can face further risks as sea level rise projects them. It is seen that this will outpace the speed of their growth, as said the research.

The growth rate in the tropical western Atlantic and the Indian Ocean have kept with the modern global sea level rises, and it is about 6 cm during the 19th Century and 19cm during the 20th Century. Coral growth will outpace the estimation for the rise in sea level by the end of 21st Century.

The combinations of coral disease have already hampered the growth of the reef and they are deteriorating in water supply and fishing pressure. This has severely impacted the coral bleaching which was caused by climate change. As per the lead author of the study, professor Chris Perry of University of Exter has said to the Independent that this is one of the alarming things about the study and this is the difference between the reef growth and future projections which are being increased in divergent which depends on the awful scenario that you look at.

When they are compared with the growth rate concerning the rise in sea levels, we can see that in the last 20 years, they have, any reefs and they are already growing at rates which are below the sea level. In this bracket, about half of the reefs come, and they have already a disconnect, as said by Prof Perry.

The research team usually used local reef growth projections which are in collaboration with sea level predictions which are based on the future climate scenarios and they are adopted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). They provide the sea level predictions which are based on the atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

This study was immediately followed by another study which predicts that the flood has damaged the coral reefs which are present around the world and it led to colossal economic impacts.


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