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In a recent development, Michigan regulators have issued the final state permit which was needed for the proposed Back Forty Mine in Menominee County, Michigan. The approval was given to a Canadian mining company that has got the approval to go ahead and constructs an open pit mine next to a major river which is along the state’s border with Wisconsin.

Aquila Resources, which is a Canadian company, has got a final permit for the proposed Back Forty mine which is situated about 28 miles southeast of Iron Mountain. The company will be constructing a mining operation which is on a portion of wetlands, and the Toronto-based company will be providing the DEQ with plans to model and monitor so that no damage will occur.

According to the Barry Hildred, who is the Aquila President said that this step is a very significant milestone for Aquila and it completes a robust environmental permitting process in Michigan. He added by saying that they can now focus on the company’s resources on the pre-construction phase at Back forty while they have considered funding the alternatives to complete the development of the mine.

The opponents of the proposed open-pit sulfide mine which is at Upper Peninsula said that it has promised to keep fighting despite the news that these developers have received the fourth and final permit which is needed for the project so that it can start.

The landowners who are present in the state of Michigan along with residents who live on the river and also uses the river for recreational activities said that they are not going to sit quietly on this. They will oppose this project and will not simply sit and watch Aquila mine to start their project.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has filed an objection regarding the permits that are issued to the Aquila Resources.


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