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In a new study, it was found out that the people who all eat foods having higher fiber content will low the risk of death as well as chronic diseases like cancer or stroke. The report of this study was published in the Journal The Lancet. The co-author this study, Andrew Reynolds, who is from the University of Otago in New Zealand, said that the fiber’s health benefits have seen over 100 years of research.

In this study, the researchers have found out that the intakes of fiber will lead to the reduced incidence of the diseases as well as it helps in reducing the body weight and total cholesterol. It also helps in reducing the mortality rate. When it comes to the fiber-rich whole foods, it requires chewing and also retains the structure in the gut that increases the satiety and help in weight control. They also favorably influence the lipid as well as glucose levels.

As per Mann, he said in a statement that the breakdown of this fiber among the large resident of bacteria has got some additional wide-ranging effects that include the protection from colorectal cancer. As per the data that is considered during the research, when 25-29 grams are taken each day, it got some higher intakes for the fiber. It can provide some great protection.

In this study, the team has analyzed about 185 observational studies and have conducted about 58 clinical trials that involve 4,635 adult participants. The report of this study too revealed that the diet which has got the low glycaemic index, as well as the low glycaemic load, will support for the protection of Type-2 diabetes or stroke only. People who all are gym freak may note that the foods with low glycaemic index will get sugars, fats or sodium.

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