Company set to spend a penny to offset the carbon footprint

When you are going to buy ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s store in London Soho, the company has decided to spend a penny to offset the carbon footprint of each scoop. The cashier of the store will also ask you about to donate the extra penny to make more impact. This type of thing is the first in London by the retail store and in the world to start using the tech platform that makes it possible to offset the climate impact on a daily basis by purchasing.

The startup nonprofit named as the Poseidon Foundation which has built the platform Ben and Jerry’s which is piloting by them is launched after founder Laszlo Giricz. Laszlo run a blockchain company, and it looked into the buying carbon offsets for his own business but when he realised that it would be inexpensive to become fully carbon positive and he started wondering why everyone was not addressing their climate impact through offsets.

Poseidon has started a blockchain technology to create the digital public ledger which cannot be changed and to address the challenges of the voluntary carbon market. When other establishments started to buy the offsets, it can now sometimes be difficult to prove the particular offset which is succeeded in reducing the carbon emissions.

According to the Laszlo Giricz, who is the founder and CEO of Poseidon said, “It’s currently very difficult for traders and participants in the carbon market to fully understand the impact that carbon credits are having and how valid carbon credits are.  Blockchain makes the process transparent. But it also makes it possible to add carbon offsets to purchases at retail stores easily.”

The company is now working to reduce the carbon footprint of its products in multiple ways and from a self-imposed carbon tax and to the machine that turns ice cream waste into the energy.


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