Environmental Protection Agency

The newly released emails between the EPA and Climate Change officials shows that the Environmental Protection Agency has worked to organize the events and hearings with the conservative groups like Heartland Institute.

The emails show that the senior Environmental Protection Agency officials are working closely with the conservative group which dismisses the climate change with like-minded people for the public hearings on the science and global warming which have counter negative news coverage and promotes the Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Stewardship of the agency.

According to the John Konkus, who is the EPA’s deputy associate administrator for the public affairs said that they have tried to reach the senior staffers at the Heartland Institute Konkas has written to ex-Heartland president Joseph Bast in May 2017 said, “If you send a list, we will make sure an invitation is sent.” This letter suggests about the scientists and economists, and the EPA could invite to an annual EPA public hearing on the agency’s science standards.

The follow-up emails after that show that Konkus and the Heartland Institute, has mustered scores of the potential invitees known for the rejecting scientific warnings of man-made climate-change which include the groups like Plants Need CO2 and The Right Climate Stuff and Junk Science.  

The EPA spokesman Lincoln Ferguson to ensure the public is informed and EPA maintains close working relationships with the broad range of public and private groups and Heartland is said to be one of the many agencies. He said, “It demonstrates the agency’s dedication to advancing President Trump’s agenda of environmental stewardship and regulatory certainty.” He said by adding that Heartland will continue to help Pruitt and his staff.  EPA said that the public hearing was referred to in May 2017 email and was cancelled when the EPA official who runs to it fell ill.


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