Chronic waste disease on the rise may affect deer test positive
Image Source: The Clarion-Ledger

In recent weeks, it has been seen that two whitetail deer which are from different parts of Mississippi has been tested positive for the chronic wasting disease. The report of them came from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Fisheries. On 8th October 2018, it has been said that a buck has taken in Pontotoc County who tested positive for CWD. The results of that were said to be confirmed by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory, as per MDWFP.

After this, a doe killed Issaquena County which is present in West Mississippi has found to be tested positive for CWD, and it is now sent for further testing to confirm it. As per Iga Sasiak, who said in a stamen that, now the province is giving all types of efforts to help in preventing the Chronic Wasting Disease. Now free testing is carried on so that it can track the disease in the region in a better way.

IN this they are provided with a unique tracking number and with the help of that number one can go online to test the results. Till now, they have got about 37 positive samples which came from across the province. It is said that most of the time they find the CWD in mule deer as well as White-tailed deer.

Hunters are too now encouraged to send the samples of the animals so that they can be tested and can determine at what rate the disease is spreading in the region. Iga says that hunters are the main part of this study and findings as they play an important role in this. They help in getting the samples of the animals that they put to the test otherwise it is difficult for them to determine at what rate they are affected due to the Chronic Wasting Disease.

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