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A Chinese spacecraft, named Chang’e-4, has successfully landed on the Moon’s far side, making yet another great achievement for the country. The touchdown adds more weight for China National Space Administration (CNSA) that has successfully established its mark on the relatively unexplored region of Moon’s surface in its first ever attempt.

Moreover, Chang’e-4’s landing is being observed as a major turning point in space exploration. The robotic spacecraft made a landing on Moon’s far side at 02:26 GMT or 10:26 am Beijing time yesterday and has carried a few instruments to evaluate the geology of the Moon’s unexplored region.

Moreover, the Chang’e-4 will also carry out some biological experiments as well. Apart from this, the spacecraft has also carried rapeseed, cotton, potato, fruit fly, Arabidopsis as well as samples of yeast to form a small-sized biosphere on the Moon’s lifeless atmosphere. Just after the landing, the Chang’e-4 has sent back the first ever close-range images of the Moon’s surface through the Queqiao satellite.

The spacecraft, which was launched from the Xichang launch center on December 8, made a 26 days long journey to reach the surface. The Chang’e-4 has been primarily launched to discover what all is present on the dark side of Moon and survey the landform, terrain as well as the mineral composition of the Moon.

The exploration of the Moon’s far side holds a lot of value for the space researchers because it will also be used to measure neutral atoms and neutron radiation on the surface. Moreover, the spacecraft will also be examining the biggest crater in the whole of the solar system named the Von Karman crater while it’s on the Moon’s surface. With such a nearby landing to the crater, the researchers hope that they would be able to get a few clues based on the Moon’s as well as solar system’s formation.

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