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The first space rocket by China was successfully launched. This was launched by OneSpace Technology Co., which is a Beijing based aerospace company and this was said to be the first flight for China’s commercial launch sector.

China’s first private rocket launch has happened on May 16th and the rocket has reached an altitude of 127,000 feet. The rocket is named as “Chongqing Liangjiang Star” has lifted off from the launch site which is located in Northwest China at 7:33 AM China Standard time. The top speed of the rocket is said to be over 5.7 times the speed of the sound. As per CEO of OneSpace Shu Chang, he said in an interview that this rocket is the first one which is developed and built entirely with the help of homegrown technology. It seems they are also following the footsteps of the SpaceX.

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The OS-X rocket is said to about 29.5 foot and it is a solid-fueled single-stage rocket whose weight is around 7.2 metric tons. The rocket has the capability of traveling for about 5 minutes with the payload capacity is only 220 pounds. The payload capacity of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is over 50,000 pounds.

OneSpace hopes to launch small satellites into the orbit with about 10 launches in the year 2019. The OneSpacecompany was established in the year 2015, and after a year the Chinese government allowed this agency to enter the space industry. It is the first private company in China which has got the license to develop the carrier rockets. The designer of the rocket is mainly for the scientific research purposes, and OneSpace has only the OS-M rocket in its fleet. This rocket fleet will use for the small satellite launches and the first flight of the OS-M booster which is scheduled for late 2018.

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