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Space lunar rover of China, Chang’e-4 has made the first-ever footprint on the dark of the moon, as reported by the officials on Friday. Chang’e-4, the robotic spacecraft was successful is making the soft-land on the prior unexplored region of the natural satellite of the Earth. The space probe Chang’e-4 went down in history this week on Thursday the moment it made its first-ever soft landing on the dark side of the moon.

The moon-rover is named after the moon goddess of China, and the space probe is comprised of a rover as well as a lander. Yutu-2 also known as the Jade Rabbit-2, a moon rover has reportedly left the first of the footprints from the human-crewed spacecraft on the far side of the moon during the late night on Thursday after it was separated from the lander smoothly, as reported by the Xinhua news agency.

The rover has reportedly touched the lunar surface at around 10:22 pm this week on Thursday. It has left a trace on the snow-like soft surface. , and the image was then sent back to Earth via one of the relay satellites, ‘Queqiao,’ based on the reports by the China National Space Administration. The experts of the department have reportedly verified the conditions of “Queqiao,” upon landing successfully.

Queqiao means Magpie Bridge that was allegedly launched back in May 2018 for setting up a communication link between the far side of the moon and the Earth. The experts have also verified the parameters of the environment of the area of landing along with the condition of the types of equipment attached to the probes with an addition to the angle of about to come sunshine for making the preparations based on the separation of the rover and the lander, according to a recent CNSA’s statement.

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