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In a new development, China’s State Forestry Administration has announced a huge reforestation campaign. In this campaign, the officials have said they are now planning to reforest land which is about more than 16 million acres, and that size is same as the size of the land of Ireland. This project which they are planning is set to be completed within a year.

According to the Chinese President Xi Jinping, he has led the effort to create an ecological civilization, and this is a part of the of the environmental restoration projects. They have also made some crackdown on the industries who are polluting the environment. China is said to be the coal-dependent nation, and it said in March that it is going to reduce the greenhouse gas emission by 40 to 45 percent by the year 2020. Xi also emphasizes on the climate change, and it has pledged to stop the all emissions which increases by the year 2030 to comply with the Paris Climate agreement.

The national reforestation project goal is to plant a million acres of trees in Hebei province, which is the heavy industrial area that encircles the smoggy capital city of China known as Beijing. It is a region of steel manufacturing and coal processing, and Hebei has contained about six most polluted cities in the country in 2016 as per the Chinese Ministry of Environment Protection.

To counter the pollution and degradation of the environment in the area, Hebei has decided to increase the forest area by about 35 percent by the end of 2020, and it has deployed about 60,000 workers who are planting trees in that area. Some residents are not happy with this plan as they are forced by the Government to convert their farming land to forest and banned them from growing any crops in that area.


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