China has started to set its eye on the far reaches of the solar system. In this weekend, China has launched a rocket which was scheduled for the moon. The US president Trump asked America to start focusing on the earthbound technologies of the 20th century which involves steel, coal, and aluminium.

China has launched its rocket for moon where till now only American flag was flying. This shows that ambition of the nation to land its spacecraft in a place where no other spacecraft has ever gone or imagine to reach that place and China’s spacecraft will reach at the far side of the Moon at the year-end. It is the most recent mission which was done by the Chinese to advance their space program.

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The plan of China includes a person on the moon and also sending the mission to Mars by the year 2025. The recent launch by China includes a relay satellite whose main aim is to ensure the proper connection between the Earth and the unmanned spacecraft on the far side of the Moon. The far side of the moon usually doesn’t face Earth. As a result, the communication with that is not possible, and for this, the mission is in danger due to no communication.

China’s Moon far side mission is said to be the first mission in the world.  In the year 2013, China becomes the third country after the United States and the Soviet Union to steer the spacecraft onto the moon. The name of the spacecraft is Jade Rabbit, and it is operated for more than two years, and it helped the researchers to investigate the surface of the moon using the spectrometers and also discover a new type of basaltic rock.

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