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China has become the world’s first country to make a spacecraft land on the far side of Earth’s natural satellite, Moon on January 5. For all those uninitiated and confused, the far side of the Moon is that portion which is rarely studied by the researchers. However, things have changed now as the Chinese spacecraft, named Chang’e 4, made a proper landing on Moon’s far side after several months of hard work and preparations.

This was one of the many planned missions for the country. Chinas had earlier landed its rover on Moon through its Chang’e 3 mission, which made it the third country to have done so after the United States and Russia. A major reason why no other country could do a successful landing on Moon’s far side earlier is due to the several complications involved in the process.

After all, one cannot see the far side of the Moon and thus having a lander descend safely on that portion is difficult. Besides, radio signals also cannot get to the spacecraft on the far side. There are no spacecraft yet which can fly all by themselves, which is why China came up with a new solution. The country had launched a satellite last year in May that was put into orbit just close to the Moon.

The satellite now acts as a communication medium to send across signals from Earth up to Chang’e 4 once it reaches the Moon’s far side. The first mission of Chang’e 4 is to study the Moon’s Aitken basin in the South Pole, where the rover has landed. Chang’e 4 mission will allow the researchers to determine whether Aitken basin is one of the Moon’s oldest craters or not. The rover has carried several other types of equipment to collect data on the unexplored terrain of the Moon.

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