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The state broadcaster CCTV stated that The Change-4 probe landed on the moon at 10:26 am in Beijing time and sent the pictures of the far side of the moon to the Queqiao satellite which will signal to the controllers on Earth. On Thursday the lunar mission landed on the moon, and this is how the clear intention of China is observable to be able to become the space superpower in the world. A photo has been sent by the lunar rover which is known as the “Dark side of the moon” as of now. The photo was sent to Queqiao satellite which communicated to the controllers and the communicators on earth.

Beijing has been spending millions and millions of sums to empower the military space programmer with the expectation of reaching space and making the nations’ first ever security mission by the year 2022. This mission was programmed to be sent with humans. The Change-4 lunar mission which is named after the Goddess moon of Chinese mythology was launched in December from the Xichang launch center located in the Southwest.

In the year 2013, China made its first voyage to moon following which this mission is considered to be the second lunar project that the nation planned. According to the reports, the dark side of the moon is quite dissimilar to that of the near side of the moon. The dark side is a rough and rugged surface unlike that of the near side and touching down on the dark side can be dangerous.

This has also been clear with the mission that the moon is locked tidally with the earth which happens to make the moon face the earth always on the same side. The mission is carrying out six experiments from China and four from abroad which is aiming at the discovery of the facts related to the most untouched topic about moon which is “Dark side of the moon.”

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