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Chandrayaan-2 is getting close to the lunar orbit as it is complete with its second maneuver on Wednesday and now it is heading towards the final stage. The spacecraft operations are going as planned, and expectations are high that the Chandrayaan-2 will successfully make it to its crucial landing stage. The spacecraft used its propulsion system to enter its second maneuver at 12:50 pm. The second maneuver took 21 minutes to complete, and ISRO conveyed that the spacecraft’s directions and health is normal. Chandrayaan-2 is 118kmX4,412km near to the lunar. The next maneuver is going to be on August 28 in which the spacecraft will enter the lunar-bound orbit between 5:30 am and 6:30 am. The spacecraft will perform three more maneuvers on August 29, August 30, and September 1.

After The Second Lunar Maneuver

After the separation of Vikram from the Orbiter, ISRO is going to perform Retro De-Orbit maneuver to check for the damages in the internal instruments which the spacecraft is carrying. Once the inspection is complete, the rover will set to autopilot mode. Till now, the engineers down in India at ISRO were controlling the spacecraft. Vikram then is going to head towards its final step that is the landing. The soft landing is all that matters for ISRO right now. If Vikram lands on the south pole of the lunar, India will become the fourth nation to set its rover on the lunar after the US, USSR which is now Russia, and China. The last maneuver is going to be on September 7, around 1:55 am. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the images of the rover, especially the space geeks, ISRO has only shared a striking impression of the rover reaching the orbit of the lunar. The photos of Vikram will come out on September 4. The surface has to be flat with a slope of around 12 degrees for the landing. Otherwise, there is a chance that the rover may fell about.

Chandrayaan-2 Reaches Closer To The Moon, The Second Lunar Maneuver
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Chandrayaan-2 is supposed to land on the southern pole of the moon to determine the availability of life, water, and nature of the matter present on the surface of the lunar. Vikram is carrying 14 packages in which 13 equipment belongs to India, and one belongs to NASA. The mission is to explore the never explored region of the moon in favor of the humankind. The purpose will give a chance to predict future outcomes and possibilities of surviving from the calamities that Earth might face in the future. The mission will inspire the young generation to know more about the moon and will give scientists a chance to study more about our natural satellite. India used GSLV MK-III launcher said to be the best launcher till now. The launcher is designed and made with love in India. Chandrayaan-2‘s Lander, Vikram, is the orbiter which is going to connect the lander with ISRO. It will give all the information about the lunar surface to ISRO, and the space agency will study the report. Then comes the Pragyan Rover whose job is to explore the surface of the moon. The experiment is going to be of 1 year, and India will try to gather as much information they can.


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