Chandrayaan-2 Enters The Moon Orbit, Future Plans Of ISRO
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The Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft has finally entered lunar’s orbit on its mission to the southern pole of the Moon. The task is to look for water and the existence of life. The next step is the landing, which is going to be September 7. It was just the first stage towards the moon, and now ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 is up to its next tough mission which is to enter the final orbital layer of the moon. The final orbit layer is 100kms away from the moon’s surface. When the lender comes the eventual passing of the orbit, the Orbiter will seprate from the spacecraft, and the lender will complete its orbit around the moon. As per the information by ISRO, the lander will perform its last orbit task on Wednesday. “Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) maneuver was completed successfully today (August 20, 2019) at 0902 hrs IST as planned,” as per ISRO, “The duration of maneuver was 1738 seconds. With this, Chandrayaan-2 was successfully inserted into a Lunar orbit. The orbit achieved is 114 km x 18072 km.”

Future Plans Of Chandrayaan-2

The next step is going to the landing, supposed to be sleek and soft, which is going to be a complicated task for the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft. The complex braking system is going to be in action on September 7. After the successful landing of the lunar craft on the surface of the moon, ISRO will join the nation club including, The US, USSR also called Russia and China. These are the nations who have successfully set its landers over the Moon. India is going to be the fourth nation to set its lander on the Moon. Chandrayaan-2 cost the country Rs 978 crore, and much other organization around the globe came in support of the government. About 500 universities and 120 industries played a vital role in the making of the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft and GSLV MkIII. India has its satellite around the moon back in 2008, which is known as Chandrayaan-1, and the most challenging part for Chandrayaan-2 is going to be the landing.

Chandrayaan-2 Enters The Moon Orbit, The Future Plans Of ISRO
Image Source: ISRO

ISRO is going to perform four more tasks to move the spacecraft to the lower orbit so that they can land the spaceship in a 100kmX100km realm. The other four maneuvers will execute on 21 August, August 28, August 30, and 1 September. ISRO mentioned, “Vikram will separate from the orbiter on September 02. Two orbit maneuvers will be performed on the lander before the initiation of powered descent to make a soft landing on the lunar surface on September 07.” After the successful maneuver on Sep. 1, the craft will enter 114kmX128km orbit. Chandrayaan-2 is going to land with 13 Indian and one NASA’s payload on the lunar. The equipment Chandrayaan-2 is carrying will detect the types of minerals on the southern pole of the Moon with the composition of the matter. The lander is going to concentrate on measuring thermal signatures among the other present thing on the lunar. MOM also called Mars Orbiter Mission is going to be the successor of the Chandrayaan-2, as India is working on its next project scheduled in 2023. All eyes are up to Chandrayaan-2, and it is going to be exciting for ISRO to achieve such kind of success.


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