Ceramic composite material is able to produce solar energy cheaper
Image Source: Voice of San Diego

Presently, solar power is said to be on the rising, and soon it is believed to be the primary form of the electricity generation. But the main issue arises due to the irregular nature of the photovoltaic as materials can now able to convert light to electricity with the help of semiconducting materials.

As per some scientists, they have said that they have now discovered some ways in which they can increase the concentrated solar power efficiency. They have now developed a material which can be able to use harvest electricity from solar energy on the cloudy days as well as at night.

The research paper which was published recently in the journal Nature is from the researchers who are from Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Wisconsin, Madison as well as Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

According to Kenneth Sandhage, who is the professor at Purdue University in the US, said that storing solar energy in the form of heat that be cheaper than the energy stored in the batteries. After this, they can able to reduce the cost of generating electricity which is from the Sun’s heat with some added benefit of Zero greenhouse gas emissions.

It has been seen that the concentrated solar power plants usually convert the solar energy in the form of electricity which is done by using the mirrors or any lenses.  They help in concentrating the light into a small area, and then they help in generating the heat that is transferred to the molten salt. After that, the heat from the molten salt is transferred to the working fluid which expands as well as spin the turbine to generate electricity.

To make the production cheaper, researchers have developed a composite ceramic zirconium carbide as well as metal tungsten so that they can have more heat exchangers.


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