CBSE Board Class 10 Maths Question Paper Analysis & Review: See What Experts Say
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The CBSE Class 10 students have been preparing for the Maths, exam. Which, is on 6 March 2019. The mathematics exam was conducted from 10:30 am to 01:30 pm. And this was same exam timing at several examinations centers all over India. The mathematics exam carries 80 marks. And other 20 marks are retained by the schools for practical assessment or, you can say, an internal assessment.

If a student has to pass out in the examination then, a student has to acquired minimum 33% out of 80 marks, and it is same in the case of Internal Assessment of 20 marks in which students have to score 33%, individually. The chapters which will carry heavy marks in the examination as compared to other chapter are Triangles, Quadratic Equations, Trigonometry, Triangles, Surface Area & Volume, Statistics, AP.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Question Paper – Student Reviews

As we have, talk one of the students named, Prachi, GGSSS Sunder Nagri, she said, “The paper was easy and straight from the textbooks.” She further said, “Question asked are straight from the NCERT.” 

One of another student of the same school, name Ria said, “Theorem and diagram were also from the NCERT books.”

One student of Savitri Public School, Delhi, name Harsh Choudhary said, luckily, he has completed his mathematics exam in a given time, period. And he further tells that, almost every question is from the textbook only. He also said “section A” was very easy as compare to “section B” and the most difficult section is “section D.” He also mentions specific questions which are most difficult. Question number 7, 15, 23 were the most difficult.

Safina Sirina of class 10 has informed that she found mathematics question paper easy as compare to previous year question paper. She further tells Trigonometry questions are a bit tricky.

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