Cases of a whooping cough are on the rising in communities north of Saskatoon
Image Source: Franciscan Health

In the latest report, the Health Authority of Saskatchewan said that they are now seeing a cluster of whooping cough cases which is currently spreading in the central part of the province. Till now over 20 cases have been reported from the communities which are surrounding Saskatoon. Till now, the cases which got confirmed by the authority are from Hague, Rosthern, Hepburn, Wakaw, and Waldheim.

The cases of this are arriving since the starting month of October. Most of the cases that they have got are about teens as well as children. Among the total cases near to half of the cases are said to be from under five years old children. It has been said that this whooping cough or pertussis is said to be highly contagious infectious disease for the lungs as well as throat. This type of disease can prove fatal for the babies who all are under one or just got birth.  

This is said to be one of the most serious diseases for now. As per Dr. Simon Kapaj, who is the deputy medical health officer for the Saskatchewan Health Authority, said in a statement that when any new cases arrived on this disease, it makes him tense. In this disease, no individual is affected, but it can affect others as it is contagious. The medical has now got the vaccine for the same, and they are providing the vaccination for the disease at free of cost.

So, anyone can have this vaccine at any time to protect themselves from this disease. The most worried part of this disease is that it is now seen that this disease is now spreading towards the south of Saskatoon with the holiday travel that is now going to get started. Now all the doctors are said to be asking the residence to get the vaccine to save themselves from this.

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