Carbon dioxide, recycle

In a new study, researchers have developed a less cost-efficient way to extract the carbon dioxide from the air and make fuel for cars, trucks or planes. This new technology which was found by the researchers is said to have a different path to cut back the carbon dioxide in the air which causes global warming and climate change. This means that the carbon dioxide will be recycled back from the atmosphere to a useful fuel.

Researchers have said that to capture carbon dioxide is not magical but it is possible, and it can be buildable technology for producing the carbon-neutral fuels which are in the immediate future and for removing the carbon in the long run. This was said by David Keith, who is the professor of applied physics and also the public policy at Havard University.

Keith is also a founder along with chief scientist of Carbon Engineering, which is a Canadian firm that has been developing this technology. The findings are based on the three years of research at the pilot plant in Squamish, British Columbia.

Storing of Carbon or sequestration has been in seen as one of the possible solutions which help in rising in atmospheric carbon dioxide. The chief executive of the Carbon Engineering Steve Oldham said that the main problem at Carbon Engineering is that nobody is ready to pay for that.

This type of fuel can be produced at a low cost and will not raise the prices to consumers at the pump, and the result will be completely carbon-neutral fuel. He also compared that the idea of recycling atmospheric carbon into fuel is by converting all the cars in the world by estimating it at more than 1 billion and renewable sources will power them.


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