Capturing of carbon dioxide can be the reality soon
Image Source: Business Insider UK

It has been seen that the climate of the earth is now changing and all the fault is now due to human activity. Humans are seen digging up the sources of the carbon and burning it. As a result carbon dioxide is increasing day by day. To minimize this activity if increasing temperatures and climate change, a new study is now initiated to capture the carbon from the atmosphere.

In a new report which is about 369 page and is written by the panel of the National Academics of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine show the importance of this shift. As per the experts, it is now decades when nations can able to prevent large temperature that increases mainly by reducing the reliance on the fossil fuels as well as by moving to cleaner sources that include nuclear, wind as well as solar power.

According to the report by the landmark scientific which was issued by United Nations by this month is by taking out some types of the big portion of carbon dioxide which is said to be loaded to the atmosphere. This carbon dioxide in the atmosphere helps in an increase to avoid significant warming as well as the researchers who all have not figured out how to do the same on an economic scale.

To meet the climate goals which is laid out under the Paris Agreement in which it is said that one has to remove about 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide which is air each year by mid-century. It is said by Stephen Pacala, who is the Princeton Climate scientist who has led the panel.

As per Pacala, to develop the technologies as well as scale up to 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year and this needs a lot of activity. Many methods are coming up now to remove the carbon dioxide by air, but National Academics panel has warned about that as they are still not proven.


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