The national capital is in the grip of the blazing heat, the temperature is rising on a daily basis that increasing the heat more and more. On Monday the temperature of Delhi was 48 degree Celsius that is considered an all-time high temperature till date. It becomes more worst when it collaborates with the hazardous polluted air making it difficult even to breathe. The air is toxic that is much dangerous to inhale as many diseases can cause because of polluted air. It also affects the lungs of the person and for other organs also.

Image Courtesy: Solar Impulse Foundation

The fresh air is completely separated from Delhi, in previous winter that changes the capital into a gas chamber. The problem of pollution has much increased that even a meeting was fixed by the chief ministers of many states to control the pollution. According to the report, it is to be said that a day after Diwali the Quality Index used by government agencies to detect the air quality and pollution found the risky first time in the season. The level of particulate matter(PM) that is measured around 2.5, PM is a microscopic particle that is menacing for the health. As it causes Cancer, Asthma and also can damage the organs.

It is also has been found the reports, the lifespan of Delhi has been reduced around 2.6 years than the normal. Because of the burning of the cut stalks of cereal plants by the farmers in the field in neighboring states including Punjab and Haryana also enhanced the level of the pollution in the capital in the form of fog in every winter. However, Delhi has many problems of its own but these incidents also increased the level of pollution. Increasing heat and pollution also causing because of deforestation in the Aravallis hills. Whatever is happening one thing is sure that they are not good for health and also for the future generation.



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